PTA Executive Board


Term: July 1 - June 30

President: Suma Bokka

Chair of the PTA Board, manages all PTA processes, oversees work of board members and committees.  

Recording Secretary: Pooja Korishettar

Keeps minutes of PTA meetings, maintains written record of meetings with attendance.

VP Fundraising: VACANT

Plans and coordinates all fundraising efforts including silent auctions, carnivals, and other events.  Promotes Box Top collections.

VP Membership: Elif Genc

Promotes PTA membership, manages local PTA membership base, collect membership fees.

VP Programs: Cindy Manglicmot

Coordinates special programs such as Popsicle Socials, Movie Nights, and enrichment assemblies.  Oversees various programs such as Running Club, and more.

VP Communications: Deepa Vaidhyanathan

Provides communications with the Collins Elementary community via newsletters, flyers, posters, social media and other sources.  

Treasurer: Kathy Young

Keeps accurate record of income and expenditures, pays bills, prepares budget and financial reports, handles all financial matters.

Financial Secretary: Doyel Barman 

Manages and records all bank deposits and records income.  Assists the Treasurer in financial matters.

Auditor:  VACANT

Reviews PTA financial records on a routine basis to ensure accuracy and proper accountability, submits written reports to National PTA.

Historian: Kana Moriwaki

Prepares written and visual (photo) records of all PTA activities, summarizes all volunteer hours including PTA and school / class hours.

Parliamentarian: Sarojini Gulgunje

Expert level of knowledge of the unit level PTA bylaws, protocols, and Robert's Rules of Order.  Recruits and calls the first meeting of the Nominating Committee in February.  Maintains and reviews unit bylaws, ensures PTA is adhering to bylaws. 

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PTA Board Position Descriptions

 Officer and Chairman Job Descriptions have been developed by California State PTA for use by unit, council, and district PTAs.  These guidelines are meant to assist officers and chairmen in their duties throughout the term of office. 

All roles are for a one year term: July - June


Recording Secretary


Financial Secretary


VP Fundraising

VP Communications

VP Programs


VP Membership