Social Committee Chair

KEY ROLE – Social Committee Chair

Key Responsibilities:


Preparation – Review the procedure book and other materials, such as minutes, supplied by previous chairman for ideas on how hospitality was done and what worked best last term.

Schedule Meeting – Meet early in the year with hospitality committee to brainstorm and make plans. Involve experienced and new volunteers on the committee to share planning, preparation and work. Coordinate efforts with room representative coordinator and program chairman.

Check Policies – Be familiar with school district policies on serving food, including home-prepared food, on campus.

If making arrangements for baby-sitters for meetings, take time to review PTA policies in the California State PTA Toolkit and also school district policies on baby-sitting.

California State PTA strongly urges units, councils and district PTAs to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages at PTA functions. PTAs may also not engage in the purchase or sale of alcoholic beverages (See: PTA Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide.)

Americans With Disabilities Act

As the Social Committee Chair, be aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that disabled persons must be accommodated reasonably by modifying policies, making physical changes and obtaining equipment to assist their participation in an activity.

For PTA meetings/events, this could include: